Euromix™ Texture Launch!

Euromix™ Texture Launch!


The Euromix™ Texture Coat range has been released this week after nearly 12 months of testing and assessing different materials. Based on ‘full acrylic’ technology the product has already generated many positive comments from contractors;

  • ‘Flows well!’
  • ‘Very flexible!’
  • ‘Covers imperfections in substrates better than any other!’
  • ‘Gives good working time but cures very hard!’

Full acrylic monomers have higher ultra violet radiation resistance than styrene-acrylic monomers (which have a higher tendency to chalk and fade) – they are more durable, easier to apply and more flexible.

Based on our testing of the products and systems we recommended we confidently offer a 10 Year Product Warranty, when the finishing system is top coated with our New Euroflex membrane paint.

Over 45,000 Colours:

Our chosen tint system includes formulations for over 45,000 current and past colours produced by Australian and New Zealand paint and texture coat manufacturers. This extensive database is updated regularly as new colours are introduced to the market.

Our automated tint machine and computer has been set up in a purpose built, dedicated area of the Strathfield site. Fully trained staff following detailed procedures to ensure we achieve the correct colours and that we can achieve a 48 hour turnaround from receipt.

Please contact our Office now to receive more information on the full range of Euromix™ Texture Coating finishes on 9572-9061