Euromix – Ready for All Seasons

Euromix – Ready for All Seasons

For over 25 years now Australian and New Zealand renderers, specifiers, builders, and owners have recognised the high quality, versatility, aesthetic appeal and functional performance offered by Euromix™ Render, Texture and Patching products.

Realising the high quality of Render, we have been working closely with our packaging supplier to find a bagging approach that is suitable to the demands of today’s building sites in various conditions.

As a result of the collaboration with our suppliers we are pleased to announce the introduction of a NEW bagging approach for Euromix™ RenderCream and Skim Coat.

From Monday 27th April these products will be increasingly supplied in rainproof and tear resistant plastic packaging.

Extensive field testing has proven that this type of packaging offers numerous benefits to the users of these products, including;

  • The thick, water and UV resistant plastic cover means longer life in the bag, reduced breakage on site and the reduction of the potential for water damage to the render, before use.
  • The inclusion of die cut handles at each end of the bag makes it easier to lift and carry the 20Kg bags.
  • As the plastic bag is heat sealed after filling there is virtually no way for product to escape from the bag, until it is opened for use. This means that the product you paid for is not lost during handling of the bag, or in transport, as well as greatly reducing dust levels – giving a cleaner, healthier working environment.

We are confident that this new bagging approach will be appreciated by distributors, carriers, renderers, and other on-site trades’ people.

If you have any questions regarding any of our product range from Renders, Textures, Paints, Patching Compounds or more please contact us on 9572-9061 and speak to one of our team members today.

Thanks for your continued support throughout these times.

– Euroset.

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