Euromix Non-Combustible Certified AS1530.1:1994

Euromix Non-Combustible Certified AS1530.1:1994

We are excited to announce that Euromix™ Cream Render, Euromix™ Skim Coat. Euromix™ Render and Euromix™ FP Render have been Certified to be deemed non-combustible render that complies with AS1530.1:1994 standard for combustibility. 

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us or your local Euromix Distributor.

What does non-combustible mean?

In the case of a material like render, ‘non-combustible’ means the material is capable of not being found combustible having been tested in accordance with AS 1530.1 — Combustibility Tests for Materials.

Can I use render on an external wall required to be non-combustible?

Render when used as part of a DTS Solution for an external wall of a Type A or Type B building must be non-combustible.

Render is normally a component of the external wall and is not provided with a concession or exemption in C1.9(d) or C1.9(e).

For situations where render is considered an ancillary element to the external wall, it is only permitted as a DTS Solution if it is non-combustible under C1.14(a). It is important to note that render is different to paints and lacquers, which are permitted ancillary elements under C1.14(l).

Textured paint

Textured paint, albeit not a flat paint finish, is commonly used as a final layer or coating to a wall. C1.14(l) does not specify the types of paint that may or may not be permitted. As such, textured paint is a permitted ancillary element.


Regardless of whether render is part of an external wall or an ancillary element to buildings of Type A or Type B construction, where part of a DTS Solution, the render must be non-combustible and we recommend the Euromix Finishing System that is suitable to all type of substrates such as AAC, Hebel, Masonry, Brick. and Concrete.

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