Euromix Dincel Rendering System Launch

Euromix Dincel Rendering System Launch

Euromix™ Approved finishing system for Dincel

PVC permanent formwork systems, like Dincel, have become very popular over the past 5-10 years and numerous jobs have been completed using a variety of Euromix products.

Now, after considerable research, Euromix is launching a system that is backed by a 15 Year Warranty*. This new system is the only system recommended and backed by Euromix for application over Dincel and other similar PVC formwork systems.

The Euromix Dincel Coating System uses full polymer based renders, textures and paints to provide a high performance finish, of 8-12mm total thickness. The system is summarised as follows;

• 1. Euromix™ NPS Primer   – to prepare the PVC surface for following coatings;
2. Euromix™ Patch Coarse – to provide a keying coat for the render coats;
3. Euromix™ NPS (full polymer) Base Render – to allow for building out the finish;
4. Euromix™ FP (full polymer) Render – to allow for finishing coat for texture application;
5. Euromix™ Sandfinish – textured coat, this can be the final colour or the base colour, when;
6. Euromix™ Euroflex is applied.

Euromix offers a detailed written specification for every Dincel project, ensuring that the builder, specifier and building owner understand the key steps that the Euromix recommended applicator must follow to achieve a coating system that looks great and will not delaminate from the Dincel.

Please download the Euromix Dincel System Guide PDF here

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